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定款 representative

The Japan Young Psychiatrists Organization (JYPO) was established in June, 2002 by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (JSPN). With young Japanese clinical psychiatrists and resident psychiatrists as the core members, we have been striving for fostering leaders in psychiatric field, working on a global perspective, and aiming to realize a better society. The JYPO mainly have been conducting these kinds of activities.

CADP (Course for the Academic Development of Psychiatrists)
The CADP, which lead to the foundation of the JYPO, has been held annually ever since, and Professor Norman Sartorius, along with other internationally renowned experts have been supporting the academic advancement of young psychiatrists. Its aim is the development of professional and leadership skills in young psychiatrists. The course was further supported by the JYPO, which started to invite young overseas psychiatrists since the seventh course (2008).

International symposium at annual meeting of JSPN
The JYPO with the JSPN to hold an international symposium at the annual meeting of the JSPN. This symposium has two focuses one case vignettes and the other mental health problems. Every year twelve psychiatrists from all over the world take part in this symposium and exchange information.

We are striving towards the advancement of psychiatry in the future; by organizing training programs, which serve as opportunities for fellowship, by conducting multi-institutional researches, through active discussions at conferences, and by establishing both domestic and international networks.

We provide opportunities for the young psychiatrists throughout Japan, who have different specialty and practice in different locations, to connect and discuss with each other, based on their own experiences, about the practices in their localities, and the current situations and problems of post graduate education pertaining to the young psychiatrists. As noted above, in addition to creating such places of discussion, we also provide research opportunities for the purpose of their academic enhancement. We firmly believe that having such occasion will contribute tremendously to the advancement of psychiatry in the future.

Through various activities, we aspire to contribute to the advancement of psychiatry, and the members of the JYPO welcome as many young psychiatrists as possible to join our organization.
Thank you.

A Certified Nonprofit Organization, the Japan Young Psychiatrists Organization (JYPO)
Current President, Toru Horinouchi M.D.

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