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The Course for Academic Development of Psychiatrists (CADP) is the biggest annual event organized by JYPO.

The aim of CADP is to develop academic and leadership skills and international relations among young psychiatrists. This course was founded by Prof. Norman Sartorius [former president of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)] and was introduced in Japan in 2002 by Mitsumoto Sato [former president of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neuology (JSPN)]. Since 2008, some participants from various countries have attended this course.

Each participant is assigned a role such as presenter, chairperson, or reporter. Prof. Norman Sartorius attends the course, which is held in Japan each year, and provides direct guidance to all the participants.

All participants actively participate in the programs, thus building friendships that last beyond CADP. These strong relationships encourage further collaborations or symposia in the international congress.

By participating in CADP, young psychiatrists can expand their knowledge, enhancing their skills and consequently their careers and lives.


Call for Application: the 19th CADP

The 19th CADP will take place in Kyoto, Japan, on 14-16 February 2020.

We JYPO would like to welcome young psychiatrists from overseas to the 19th CADP.

Please check a detail information and, be free to submit us !!

19th CADP: Call for application


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